Training - “Kumari Sisters”

Bharatha Natiyam is considered to be a fire-dance— the mystic manifestation of the metaphysical element of fire in the human body. Bharatha Natiyam has two aspects, lasya-,the graceful feminine lines and movements, and Thandava( Ananda Thandavam). It consists of elaborate gestures (Mridu Angaharas, movements of limbs), sentiments (Rasas), emotional states (Bhavas). Actions (Kriyas) are its soul.Bharatha Natiyam has Ragam,Thalam and Bhavam as its important features.

We teach the adavus like
*Paraval adavu*Kuthithumettadavu
*Thath thai tham*Thath thai tha ha
*Sarukal adavu*Kathi adavu
*Thai ya thai yi*Thith thai yun tha
*Karthari adavu*Mandi adavu
*Tha hatha jam thari tha*Kida thaka thari kida thom
*Thai thith thith thai*Thai thai thath tha
*Uthsanga adavu*Panja nadai

Nava Rasas in Bharatanatyam:
We teach those emotions which are described as Abhinayas.

A list of the Nava Rasas are given below
*Srungara(Love, Attractiveness)*Bibhatsam(Disgust, Aversion)
*Veeram(Heroic mood)*Bhayanakam(Horror, Terror )
*Hasyam( Laughter, Mirth, Comedy)*Shantam(Peace)
*Kāruṇyam ( Compassion, Tragedy )

Anga Lakshana is the code for body movement. It as follows
Shirobhedha - Head Movement
Paadabhedha - Feet Movement
Gatibhedha - Gait
Greevabhedha - Neck Movement
Drishtibhedha - Eye Movement
Hasta Mudras - Hand Movements

The sequence of items in a Bharata Natyam is as follows
Invocation (To Lord Ganesha, Nataraja, Preceptor, Parents, Audience and Jingles)
*Ganapathi Vandana*Mangala Slokam

We train the students to develop them as perfect uinque dancers
We teach dances like
*Bharatha Natiyam*Modern Classical(Fusion style)
*Kuchipudi*mohini aatam
*kathak *Bharathak(Kathak Bharatham fusion)………(see the video)
*odissi*Folk dance
*Bollywood style*Free style
*Hip pop*Lamp dance………….(see the video)

Bharathak(Kathak-Bharatham fusion):
We are proud to inform you that we are the first to create and introduce the new form of the dance named Bharathak(Kathak-Bharatham fusion) dance form which has its unique style in india.The uniqueness in this coriography is that both styles Katahk and Bharatha Natiyam can be seen simultaneously.(Watch video)

Lamp dance(RajasthaniBollywood mix):
Also we have introduced the Lamp dance for the first time in Tamil Nadu.The speciality in this dance is that students keep a lamp of 4steps height and this dance is coriographed with a mixed style of rajasthani bollywood and indian bollywood(wach video).