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Welcome to Kumari Dance School : Bharatha Natiyam (Tamil:பரதநாட்டியம்) is a classical Indian dance form which is popular in the state of Tamil Nadu,India.This dance form denotes the art of temple dancers called Devadasis and is derived from ancient dance in the treatise Natya Shastra by Bharatha which is known for its grace, purity, tenderness, and sculpturesque poses. It one of the best indian classical dances.

A origin of the name is from Bharatha Muni, who wrote the Natya Shastra to which Bharatha Natiyam has many of its ideas.

He was the first who innovated and introduced this dance form before centuries as a yoga for the females which makes each part of their body to function efficiently.Lord “Natarajar”(Lord Siva) is considered to be the god of Bharatha Natiyam.Bharatha Natiyam has three basics,"Bhavam" which means expression , "ragam" meaning medium, "thalam" meaning rhythm and natiyam meaning dance.,.Today, it is one of the most popular and widely performed dance styles and is practiced by male and female dancers all over the world.

In ancient times it was performed by Devadasis. Many of the ancient sculptures in Hindu temples are based on Bharatha Natiyam dance postures which is an evidence for the traditional aspects of Bharatha Natiyam. In Kali Yuga, the center of most arts in India is Bhakti (devotion) and therefore, Bharatha Natiyam as a dance form and carnatic music set to it are deeply grounded in Bhakti. Bharatha Natiyam, is said to be embodiment of music in visual form, a ceremony, and an act of devotion. Dance and music are inseparable forms; only with Sangeetam the thoughts in the theme can be coveyed.

Thus we are giving a powerful coaching for the students with a deep knowledge of Bharatha Natiyam with classical music to give them a clear wisdom.We hope you will get a deeper ideas from this.

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We have done many programs in many important temples of Tamil Nadu. We have done our performances in Kulasekaran pattinam Muththaraman temple, Thiruparankundram Murugan temple, Meenakshi Sundareswarar temple, Kanyakumari Bhagavathi amman temple, Suseendiram Thanumalaya swami temple, Mandaikadu temple and in many other important templs in Tamil Nadu.

We use to perform different dances like


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Bharatha Natiyam is considered to be a fire-dance— the mystic manifestation of the metaphysical element of fire in the human body. Bharatha Natiyam has two aspects, lasya-,the graceful feminine lines and movements, and Thandava( Ananda Thandavam). It consists of elaborate gestures (Mridu Angaharas, movements of limbs), sentiments (Rasas), emotional states (Bhavas). Actions (Kriyas) are its soul.Bharatha Natiyam has Ragam,Thalam and Bhavam as its important features.

Anga Lakshana is the code for body movement.